At Borderline Clothing and Supply we didn't want to be just another apparel brand. We wanted to create something different and practical. BUGOUT™ is a formula our founding members created that we treat all of our apparel and accessories with. This 100% natural formula is based with our signature essential oils blend, water, and baking soda thus creating a long lasting formula for day to day use. Living a more natural and healthy lifestyle is becoming the widespread key to a long and youthful life. We wanted to maintain this mission by only using naturally occurring substances in our BUGOUT™ treatment. The outdoors is one of the only peaceful places left on planet earth and we always strive to preserve it. Our bottled treatment for day use is packaged in an up-cycled Eco-friendly spray bottle to lower our environmental footprint. This bottle will provide you with over 400 hours of protection from pesky critters.



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