1 in 6 people in the US face hunger. That's 17% of the US population. Our mission is to provide meals to those in need and invest in our communities all across the country. Borderline is proud to donate a portion of all sales to local food banks across America. We also sponsor food drives yearly and community outreach programs to get people involved in our fight against hunger. Stopping hunger for over 68 million people is a daunting task but we believe if we work together we can make a difference. If you have a local community facing hunger please email us and we would be excited to help. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for event updates and to learn more about how you can help. 

Everywhere. Every Moment. Borderline. 


We had the honor to help provide over 120,000 meals to those facing hunger in Arkansas. 



With animal shelter populations on the rise we wanted to give back. Together with our loyal customers we were able to supply 20,000 gallons of fresh drinking water to our local humane society during the month of January. Together we can make a difference.